Map of Generative Conflict

How do we deal with conflict, while we go on making a world where differences between us can be welcomed and delighted in? Can conflict be a way to generate more love and more complex community? Can we learn to hold conflict as an integral part of social transformation, and belonging in difference?

When we feel danger, we are not neurologically resourced for creative engagement. For the sake of the healing and well-being we know is possible, and honouring the resourced responsibility and tender care that are key to us, this is offered as a preliminary map, so we have something to refer to when conflict startles, frightens and threatens us. May it assist us in opening space and time for living an ethics based on joy and justice.

This map is a guide to traversing an imaginary space where conflict happens between equals. There is no such space, and so the work of being responsible to power dynamics becomes integral to any generative conflict process. We can honour the authentic vulnerabilities of all involved with attention to privilege and precarity. How are we learning to use any privilege we hold in the service of what we care about? We are biophysically incapacitated in different ways by precarity. Conscious navigation of inequalities is essential.

An active, ongoing commitment to a Soul Mapping process is envisioned as a twin to the Generative Conflict Map - these processes are meant to work as complementary tools for co-creating ethical communities. What values do we want to embody? What vulnerabilities do we need to tend, that especially challenge us in our lives and relationships? We also want to know and grow our Soul’s Relational Matrix. Who supports us in being who we want to be? Who can we reach out to, as a trusted ally, when we are harmed? Who can we reach out to when we learn that we have harmed another? Do we have people and resources to affirm and anchor our belonging, and challenge us to live into our dignity, so we can find a way back to living our soul’s purpose?